Big Dogs Grooming

And Small Ones Too!

If you’re looking for amazing dog and cat grooming nearby, your search ends here! Big Dogs Grooming has been bathing, snipping, fluffing, and pampering the pets of the Cañon City community for over 15 years. Check out our menu of available services then text or call us to set up an appointment!

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Contact Info

227 Greydene Cañon City, CO 81212

(719) 345-4107

(720) 882-3647

Open Hours

M–F: 8 AM to 4 PM by Appointment

Sat: 8 AM to 3 PM by Appointment


Routine Grooming

Grooming your pets isn’t just for show; it’s a responsibility Big Dogs Grooming takes seriously to keep your pets healthy, clean, and protected from what could be a very hairy situation. Whether your dog or cat has short or long hair, routine grooming is a simple step toward overall good health.

Iv san bernard therapy pet spa

Being an IV San Bernard Authorized Spa means you can be confident the products being used on your babies are the safest on the market and won’t cause any harm to their sensitive skin.


veterinary Partnership

One of the most rewarding parts of our approach to grooming is when we’re able to work in concert with your veterinarian. With your vet focusing on their insides and us focusing on their outside, your fur babies will benefit from a comprehensive treatment approach not typically seen with other groomers.

What We Do

Here at Big Dogs Grooming we work hard to provide you the best grooming service available. At check-in, we’ll meet you and your pet and perform a thorough evaluation to ensure they’re healthy and ready for pampering. Then the associate will create a customized approach to address your pet’s unique needs and recommend solutions to be used during their bath or groom. Our Iv San Bernard treatment protocols are designed to fit whatever your pet’s coat and skin need on the day of their grooming. And you never have to worry about anything being too harsh!

If you haven’t been introduced to our new Iv San Bernard products, please be sure to ask upon check-in… The Iv San Bernard routine bathing products are provided for your pet AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

iv san bernard certified

Because our main concern is the health of your babies, every pet who comes through our doors can enjoy the benefits of our premium Iv San Bernard product line. Because this is OUR commitment to your pets’ health, we cover the higher expense!

big or small, we do them all!

Regardless of how big or small your pet is, our skilled associates are able to handle all your grooming needs. We pamper your babies from the teeny-weeniest to the biggest ‘n burliest of them all!

we’re purrfect for your kitties

Bathing and grooming kitties can be a challenge sometimes and requires patience and a gentle hand. Our associates are all thoroughly trained to help make your purr-babies feel safe during their grooming. 

bath & brush

For pets who just need a bath and gentle brush out to keep up a healthy-looking coat. We also clean your baby’s ears, trim toenails, and minor trimming around the foot pads or a sanitary clip in the rear if needed.

Full grooming

For pets who need a bath and a haircut. Whether you need a specific breed clip or your pet is severely matted or overgrown, this is the service for you. This also includes cleaning ears and trimming nails.

onelife cbd for pets

CBD is being used successfully for many problems with our pets. Please check with your family veterinarian before you start your pet on a daily routine of CBD products, for their correct usage and dosage.